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STAYER (2017)

STAYER (2017)

black-humored documentary theater on life in and around a sickbed

Seriously wounded after a car-accident, Teater Fusentast’s Coby Omvlee suddenly found herself in a hospital with her small intestines cut in three. Nobody imagined it would take a whole year, two near-death experiences and three stomas before she could leave.

Even though the staff was dedicated, things went terribly wrong: Miscalculated surgeries, near starvation, complicated stomas and lack of hospital beds …

She needed constant care. Daily stoma leaks meant hours of cooperation with nurses, and led to a surprising and somewhat disturbing insight into the how and abouts of the hospital.
Finally coming home, while going through two rough years of recovering, she read extensively. About bowels, about health care, about politics. Visited conferences on patient safety, on medical imagery, on documentary theatre. Later, with a documentary film maker, she interviewed a large number of health experts in Scandinavia. Gathering good colleagues, and STAYER was in production: A personal and humorous analysis of Coby’s own path back to life, and of today’s healthcare system. We hope to - and find that we do - move the audience and stimulate to fruitful debates on patient safety and future health care.

A touring performance, STAYER is made for conferences, seminars, congresses, educational institutions, theatres and festivals;
suitable for patient organizations, health staff, health students, administration, politicians and the general public.

Nonsense and other senses

Nonsense and other senses

A musical plunge into the universe of nonsense poetry, helped by the endless possibilities of puppetry. Nonsense poetry has been around for a long time, at times with recklessly funny reflections and statements. There are many children who are not always kind, adults who are not always wise. And vice versa. We have let ourselves get ensnared by the subtle humour and cunning view in this poetic non-sense.

The show takes place in and around the "Ronzebons", a small theatre stage, with secrets and surprises, and with a varied cast of characters.

Teater Fusentasts Performances

Teater Fusentast creates performances combining almost forgotten techniques from long ago with today's themes and questions. We have several theatre plays available, performing on demand, in several languages, in Norway and other countries. Feel free to call or write, if you want to know more or invite us to perform.