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STAYER (2017)

STAYER (2017)

documentary solo-theater with wits
on life in and around a sickbed
intensely social and creative
with a strangely indestructible good mood
despite pain and discomfort

projections, music and interview clips
accentuate her wondering
and link us to an unvarnished picture
of everyday life in hospitals
that concerns us all …

she searches
and finally glimpses
hope for the future

A serious car accident, and Coby Omvlee ended up spending one long year in the hospital. She survived thanks to a skilled surgeon, good nurses, her physician-husband, her own efforts, several stomas, intravenous nutrition and a vast social network.
But her life was threatened several times, breaking her trust in our healthcare system.

Socially conscious, she wanted to understand the roots of her experiences. There seems to be a systematic pressure on all levels, with serious consequences for both health staff, patients and their families.

Nonsense and other senses

Nonsense and other senses

A musical plunge into the universe of nonsense poetry, helped by the endless possibilities of puppetry. Nonsense poetry has been around for a long time, at times with recklessly funny reflections and statements. There are many children who are not always kind, adults who are not always wise. And vice versa. We have let ourselves get ensnared by the subtle humour and cunning view in this poetic non-sense.

The show takes place in and around the "Ronzebons", a small theatre stage, with secrets and surprises, and with a varied cast of characters.

Teater Fusentasts Performances

Teater Fusentast creates performances combining almost forgotten techniques from long ago with today's themes and questions. We have several theatre plays available, performing on demand, in several languages, in Norway and other countries. Feel free to call or write, if you want to know more or invite us to perform.