What seems Small becomes Incredibly Large

Review of "Sand Between Your Toes" in Rana Blad, Mo i Rana, 23.02.2008

With only two people on stage and a very simple set, Teater Fusentast creates a fantastic performance with "Sand between your toes". It was so good that nobody wanted to leave when it was finished.

Sadness, humour and surprises are keywords when Teater Fusentast plays "Sand between your toes". The story follows Jewish Hetty Krefeld Polak Dab from when she was born, just after the shot in Sarajevo, until her death in September 2001.

Hetty meets the people on her path with openness and playfulness in her blood, even though the world around her can be cruel. To do this she has to take some chances - and above all – seize the moments of opportunity. Her philosophy is: "Every person I meet may be a family member or friend."

With a twinkle in her eye and her heart in her throat we meet Hetty in her encounters with the world and people – from when she was a small Jewish girl in Amsterdam until the brutality of war catches up with her.
And what a story it is. With an incredible cabinet as the only prop Coby Omvlee and Jaap den Hertog captivate the audience from the start. The performance ranges from the sheer hilarious to the bottomless sadness. You find yourself wanting to both laugh and cry. On this day the theatre was filled with many pupils and seminar participants, a mixed crowd so to say. But the show is for everyone and hits both young and old in the abdominal area.

The cast also includes the audience in a wonderful way and let the children answer questions about war and unemployment.
And they respond willingly and are anything but ignorant. So much for not learning anything in school, where tests are used to prove how students fail.
Finally, one leaves the theatre reluctantly, left with one’s own cabinet of impressions from a wonderful show.

Rumours say that it is possible for school classes to book this performance if they wish. My advice to the school system in Rana is that you should not wait too long to get hold of this. Great theatre on a small scale that young people and adults will love. Many thanks to Teater Fusentast for a wonderful hour. I hope we meet again.

On the dice: 6
Location: Black Box
Audience: Full house
Script/puppets/producer: Jaap den Hertog
Stage direction: Lasse Åkerlund
Composer: Frode Fjellheim
Puppeteers/performers: Coby Omvlee and Jaap den Hertog