A pleasant moment of theatre on the book boat

The people of Espevær had a visit from the book boat "Epos" last Sunday. Both children and adults got to experience informal and funny storytelling with Teater Fusentast, and borrow many books. - I want to borrow this one, Maren Urang (5) says, and shows off "Lillebrors gaver" [Little brother's gifts, trans.] by Jill Maursund.

Maren Urang sat on mother's lap with her doll tightly in her arms while following all the weird, funny and sometimes a bit too exciting events in Fusentast's play. Afterwards she explained what had made the biggest impression:
- A puppet that ate a teddybear! Her mother, Silje Urang, explains that it's mostly children's books they borrow from the book boat. This time she had all her daughters with her. They were hunting for the right books. Teater Fusentast is based in Trondheim. It is Karl Markus Reinert and Coby Omvlee who travels around as performers in the play "Katta og andre strofer" [English title "Nonsense and other senses", trans.].
- This play has been shown [on the book boat, trans.] many times before. Our stories are suitable for both children and adults. We play up to three performances in the evening where the book boat makes its stop, Karl Markus Reinert says. He and Coby Omvlee performed a nice mix of little stories, poems and songs, using body language, different costumes, mimicry and different puppets. They call it nonsense poetry as musical puppet theatre for children from 6 years for school performances, and from 5 years for public performances. Amongst other things, Karl Markus Reinert, dressed as a creepy agent, the story of a murder in Førde, and a worm wandered in. A bird flew in and killed mother worm. The baby worm sought refuge in the ground. Then the performers opened a door under the stage to show the worm's journey through the earth. There were many funny elements for both children and adults and a pleasant gathering for families from Espevær on the book boat "Epos".

Received the library award
The book boat service is a collaboration between the county libraries in Hordaland, Møre and Romsdal, and Sogn and Fjordane. The boat goes to villages at Vestlandet [South Western Norway, trans.] that otherwise don't have a library service. In 2012 the book boat received the library award in Møre and Romsdal. The book boat commitment in that county was given the distinction of being a unique, floating library service that has been for the benefit and enjoyment for people along the coast for almost 50 years.
Twice per year "Epos" visits both islands furthest out in the sea and towns in the fjords. Each location has a contact person who takes ashore 20-400 books and audio books. This collection functions as a library in that place until the book boat comes next time. There is great excitement when the book boat arrives. School classes or entire schools come aboard the boat. Children and the elderly are the biggest user groups. At most locations, there is a cultural programme aboard. Sometimes there are authors who read from their books. Other times there is music, theatre, clowns or circus, the book boat's own website, www.bokbaten.no, explains.