About us

Teater Fusentast was established in 1989. It is based in Trondheim, Norway as a touring theater group, with pieces for children and youths mostly. Which also appeal to grown ups. Although some productions are made specifically for adults.

Our wish is to convey our stories visually. Anything that can be said through visual means, is done so. And most often we use puppets.

We love to play with theatre forms and traditions. Turn them upside down and let ourselves be surprised by the opportunities presented.
We hope these surprises and the joy of discovering them will give our public moments they do not want to live without!

In our productions you often meet other actors/actresses, musicians and technicians. Working with experienced theater artists like instructors, dramaruges, writers, scenographers and designers from different fields, gives further focus to the stories we want to pass on.

It shines through in our productions that our joy lies in the strange, tilted, funny, weird in life. And that we are annoyed by lack of respect, dignity and wisdom in everyday life and amongst those who try to rule over us and other people.

We convey good stories happening in our own lives. Often we choose an inclusive style when playing: The audience and us on stage share the same theater-reality. Puppets, music and sound, lighting, play, scenography and text are the main ingrediences. We have minimized our dependence on electricity, electronics and mechanics. This way we can perform most places both home and abroad.

Teater Fusentast is run by Jaap den Hertog and Coby Omvlee, with Randi Størseth as co-producer in a 40% position.