Great theatre - small scale

Review Panopticum

Review in Rana Blad, regional newspaper for the Rana region, Mo i Rana.

Rana: Great theatre doesn't have to mean several good actors on a big stage.

Teater Fusentast proves this, as they once more take us into their wonderful world.
During last year's festival, we went to Paris with the "Parisian Pillow Case” and this year we got "Titranic". This is the story of Norway's largest fishing accident near the tiny island of Titran off the coast of Sør-Trøndelag [county, trans.] in 1899. In the lead role, we meet six-year-old Ole Myrseth, who miraculously survived. This performance would have been difficult enough to set up on a big stage, but to create it in "shoebox format" seems like sheer impossibility.
Maybe this would have been the case if it had not been Teater Fusentast. With stunningly simple means they captivate the kids in a great way, and with this one-man show Fusentast tells the story in a way that keeps the kids glued to the box.
Glued they have to be anyway because this is a very intimate experience. Once again, Fusentast is here with one of its home made “boxes”, and this one has four windows for kids to look through. Inside the box the storm is blowing, the ghosts of the sea are coming and the boy is rescued, all while it's lightning and thundering in the small universe. This is why there was only room for four at a time and the queue became long, but Fusentast is used to it and they ran the show over and over and over and over again. The kids wanted more and we're looking forward to next year to see what the creative souls in Teater Fusentast come up with. Great Fun!