Nora - the Moving Picture Show

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Famous stars show unexpected sides of their family life, in a global perspective.
On request from Ibsen lovers at Landsforbundet Teatrets venner (National Association Friends of the Theatre), we have settled for Henrik Ibsen's "A Doll's House". For this marathon performance (a full 7 min) the interior of the Panopticum has been transformed into the bourgeois home of Helmer and Nora, with unforeseen delights in good Fusentast style.

Helmer is far from a handsome man, and he is certainly not content with that. He would prefer to look more like a muscle man. Which means that he really needs extensive and thus very expensive plastic surgery. His “Little Lark”, wife Nora, acquires a loan to finance the soaring surgery bills.
To get access to a loan, she has to forge the signature of her recently deceased father. But she must conceal this. Slowly her life turns into a mess of lies, including dancing the tantalizing Tarantella for Helmer. Will something wonderful happen?


Helmer: Rowan Atkinson / Arnold Schwarzenegger
Nora: Pamela Anderson / Brigitte Bardot
Mrs. Linde: Liv Ullmann
Krogstad: Sean Connery
Dr. Rank: John Lennon
Children: Michael Jackson, Shirley Temple, Macauley Culkin

A Fusentastic low-tech sensurround light and sound stereo system guarantees a colourful puppet theatre experience full of surprises for an adult and/or youth audience.

The show has been a favourite at many international theatre festivals, among others at two Ibsen Festivals at the National Theatre in Oslo.
Performed in Norwegian, English and Dutch.

Director Elin Hassel Iversen has written an article about the production of Nora - the Moving Picture Show (in Norwegian) in the book "Ibsen and Figure Theatre - Visual Theatre and Ibsen", edited by Anne Helgesen.

Created by

Direction, dramaturgy
and script editing from Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House: Elin Hassel Iversen
Concept, engineering, production: Jaap den Hertog
Set design, illustrations for the puppets: Leiken Vik
Assistant Set Designer: Alexandra Aga Ulvestad
Translations into Dutch and English: Jaap den Hertog