Sleeping Beauty

- as seen through the eyes of the frog

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The fairytale about Sleeping Beauty has existed in countless verbal varieties for centuries. The written version didn't appear until 1697, in Charles Perrault's collection of fairytales. The Sleeping Beauty of the brothers Grimm appeared in 1812. In newer times, the Disney version has strongly influenced how the story is perceived today. Vi have chosen to make our own version, where the story is told through frogs. Three actors hop in and out of the characters.

Sleeping Beauty as seen through the eyes of the frog opened in 1994, and has travelled around Norway and participated in a wide range of Norwegian and international festivals. We've had the performance on our repertoire for quite some years, while in the meantime also making new performances. Sometimes Sleeping Beauty is asleep for a long time. But we've never been able to say goodbye to her. Over the years, we always get new requests to play the show. And every time we contact the actors to determine whether they are available, the request is received with jubilations.

Sleeping Beauty is a delicious and joyful theatrical celebration, in which the audience and the actors participate together. The performance is also played with great success in a highly uninhibited version as café-theatre for adults. In a performing style and with humour that audiences describe as "excellent"!

Sleeping Beauty has been shown in Norway, Russia, Burkina Faso, Lithuania and the Netherlands, and is available in Norwegian, French, Dutch and English versions.

Created by

Directed by: Elin Hassel Iversen
Script: Coby Omvlee
Music: Rolf Frank Farstad
Set design: Coby Omvlee / Kristin Giske
Costumes: Kristin Giske / Coby Omvlee
Translation into French: Axel Baudouin
Translations into Dutch and English: Coby Omvlee

Sleeping Beauty on CD

Theatre Fusentast's version of Sleeping Beauty is also available on quality CD. With bonus music tracks and all the lyrics!
To order: Send us an email (link) with your postal address. We will post the CD after receiving NOK 163,- (incl. shipping) to account no. 8601.64.11991. Mark the payment with "ToRo-CD".