The Grand Finale

- How to Survive Doomsday

Based on the short story "Het grote gebeuren" by Belcampo (NL). For everyone from 10 years.

This time, Theatre Fusentast has obtained beautiful projection apparatuses from days long gone, and a very terrestrial story about the population of Fagersund on the very last day.

When the Apocalypse hits the tiny town of Fagersund and Doomsday is a fact, not all its inhabitants are very well prepared. Who will be sent upwards to the Pearly Gates, who will be forced to dive into the Hellish Fire? Also our main character, photographer Belcampo, is panic-stricken, reflecting upon his own somewhat untidy lifestyle.

Theatre Fusentast's angels show fragments of life in Fagersund, and unravel the story in the form of a Phantasmagoria. The show is made up almost frame-by-frame, using Laterna Magica machines from the 1800s and early 1900s, classic slide projectors from the 1950s, and contemporary puppet theatre with live-action camera transfer via video projector from the 2000s. Combined with shadow theatre from pre-Christian times and the current real, live actors and musician.

For 20 years, award-winning Dutch-Norwegian Theatre Fusentast from Trondheim toured in Norway, as well as a number of other countries with their subtle, thought provoking and often moving performances.
Through a peculiar idiom, where half-forgotten puppetry techniques from bygone times are connected with topical themes, each performance becomes a party where the audience is cordially invited into the game.
This time, in Theatre Fusentast's 20th anniversary performance, we take a deep dive into the fascinating world of the Laterna Magica (magic lantern).

Created by

Idea: Jaap den Hertog
Script: Coby Omvlee, based on Belcampo’s short story "Het grote gebeuren"
Direction, dramaturgy, and choice of projections: Elin Hassel Iversen
Composer and musician: Dr. (Tor Einar) Bekken
Performers: Coby Omvlee, Jaap den Hertog
Set design and puppet maker: Camilla Lilleengen
Illustrator and puppet design: Janne Magnussen
Costumes: Nina Gjølgasæther
Lighting design: Marianne Thallaug Wedseth
Various technical solutions: Jaap den Hertog
Technician: Sune Schjelderup
Photographer: Dag Arve Forbergskog
Set construction: Martin Waagø
Metal works: Stig Meidell
Set Assistants: Kristin Thallaug, Coby Omvlee
Dramaturgy Assistant: Kaisa Aglen
PR, media and audience contact: Stine Kvam
Program/poster design: Roger Aasegg
Producers: Theatre Fusentast / Andre Akt
Co-producers: Teater Avant Garden in Trondheim

Heartfelt thanks

to all who generously shared their passion for Laterna Magica with us:
Belcampo’s daughter Maartje Schönfeld-Wichers and his granddaughter Adinda Arian for rights and good conditions for use of the novel “Het grote gebeuren.”
Annet Duller for advice and guidance on acquisition of five Laterna Magica apparatuses.
Willem Wagenaar from Christiaan Huygenstheater, Zeist.
Henk Kranenburg from Nico's Toverlantaarnmuseum, The Hague.
Theatre Musiscoop / The Lichtbende, Amsterdam, with Marie Raemakers, Rob Logister and Rop Severin for training in the use of Laterna Magica.
Steinar Rekstad, Trondheim Municipality for the use of Gamle Breidablikk School, when the show grew out of the venue at Bispehaugen School.
Kari Hustad, at Granskogen School, for the loan of stage lights. Trondheim Plateindustri (steel plate industry), for drilling holes in steel plates, right where we wanted them.
Anders Lamberg, Ranheim, who had the perfect mini camera for us to use for filming in our miniature town.
Ellie Cowan for help with the cooking.


Photos of actors: Dag Arve Forbergskog
Photos from Fagersund on the final day: Sune Schjelderup
Drawings: Janne Magnussen