The Parisian Pillow Case

Kalle loves his Cuddle Cushion. He cannot do without it. Not even when he goes to Paris with his daughter Sophie.
Everything goes well until the Cuddle Cushion falls from the Eiffel Tower... Here is the incredible story of what happens after the cushions journey through the air.

Kalle and Sofie spend the rest of their vacation days to track down Cuddle Cushion.
Sometimes they are very close. We, the spectators, aware of this, but the two cushion chasers do not know. Poor Kalle is occasionally at the brink of a nervous breakdown. Sofie keeps their spirits up. We follow them as they meet an interesting cross-section of the Paris population.

Suddenly the day when Sophie and her Dad are going to have to take the plane back to Sweden, and Mom, has come. Will they find the cushion?

The Parisian Pillowcase is Fusentast's fourth Panopticum performance. So far it has been played in Norwegian, English, French, Italian and Dutch.
At festivals and as a guest performance in Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy.

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Created by

Based on the book Cuddle Cushion in Paris by Arne Norlin and Håkan Jaensson
Dramatised and directed by Elin Hassel Iversen (link)
Drawings by Gunna Grähs, adapted for Panopticum by Coby Omvlee
Technical solutions and puppets, installed and played by Jaap den Hertog
Translation into Italian: Cinzia Marini
Translations into French, Dutch and English: Jaap den Hertog