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Teater Fusentast tells the story of what happened to 6-year-old Ole Myrseth from Kristiansund during the terrible night of the accident, Friday 13. October 1899.
For everyone from 5 years.

We are at Titran outside the island of Frøya in Sør-Trøndelag County. Out there, the sea Frohavet, is boiling with herring. Little Johnny Myrseth from Kristiansund is allowed to join his father on the fishing boat... And then comes a terrible storm. This true story is based on what happened when the storm came unexpectedly, and many fishermen lost their lives in the waves. And about how Little Ole survived. The real Ole became a restless adventurer, with a life full of more or less risky adventures. We had the honour of playing Titranic for his grandchildren at Hitra. A very nice experience.

Titranic is the third performance that was created for theatre Fusentast's Panopticum. It has been played in Norwegian, French, Italian and German. At festivals and as a guest performance in Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy and Austria.

Created by

Director, script and dramaturgy: Elin Hassel Iversen
Concept, production and stagecraft: Jaap den Hertog
Set design, based on old engravings: Gunnar Fretheim
Illustrations for the paper dolls: InkaLill
Translation into German: Sonja Omvlee
Translation into Italian: Cinzia Marini
Translations into Dutch and French: Jaap den Hertog

missing description

Titranic 2

A special version adapted for children who are hospitalised. Instead of four peepholes, it is set up for an audience who is bed bound.
Performed in calm surroundings, such as a hospital, for 1-2 children at a time.