Review in EOLO

Review in EOLO, magazine for youth theatre, Italy

The Puppet in the Centre of the Arts
The 15th edition of The World Puppetry Festival Charleville-Mézières (France)

The Norwegian Theatre Company Fusentast’s Panopticum is a luxurious peepshow box for four spectators, each with their own viewing hole, which gives each one their own perspective.
A very lovely object to admire, while one waits in line to watch one of the performances on the programme, especially because things keep happening around this box that transform the waiting time into a surprise, without ever revealing what is in store for us when our turn comes...

"Viaggio a Parigi” [The Parisian Pillow Case, trans.] has a lavishly illustrated story, a dashing set, with music and dialogue performed live by Jaap den Hertog, brilliant puppeteer-manipulator of small, surprising, cardboard puppets.

For anyone, from 5 years up, who loves cats, pillows, Paris and plane trips.
Performed in 4 languages, entertaining, and extremely pleasant. Paris will always be Paris, but give me back my darling pillow.

Perfectly dramatized and directed by Elin Hassel Iversen, idea, technical solutions and puppeteering by Jaap den Hertog. Seven minutes of sparkling, colourful joy.