Greetings from …

now under production

Intimate street theater with pop-ups and audience participation

expected première December 2022
Plakatutkast fra InkaLill

We thrive exceptionally well among our street audience. And also on festivals we have been to, in Scandinavia, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and especially Italy – where we have played theatre with our Panopticum.

But that was before Corona came upon us, and Panopticum is not in line with infection control. So it’s high time to launch a new concept:

A city walk with pop-ups along historical sights and attractions you probably did not know existed.

From his brochures, our tourist guide will magically recreate quite a few past events in 3D!

At the end of the tour you will hopefully feel light at heart and and a tiny bit wiser.

a tiny bit InkaLill’s brochure suggestion