Nonsense and Other Senses

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Teater Fusentast makes a musical plunge into the universe of nonsense poetry, helped by puppetry’s endless possibilities. Nonsense poetry has been around for a long time. Sometimes it has been slightly anonymous, at other times it pops up to the surface with its recklessly funny reflections and statements. There are many children who are not always kind, adults who are not always wise. And vice versa. We have let ourselves get ensnared by the subtle humour and cunning worldview of this poetic nonsense.

The show takes place in and around the "Ronzebons", a small theatre stage, with secrets and surprises, and with a varied cast of characters.

Of strange people we will tell
Of Isabel who’s eating well
From a menu that does surprise
An onion man who cries and cries
Marc Earthworm's mother’s gruesome murder
And we will take you even further
To Antonio wanting for love and a wife
Who does not want him into her life
Or one girl shouting Fire! Fire!
Who surely is some big fat liar
About what is the point of whales
Or frogs or even elephant's tails.
And so on.

From poems by Hilaire Belloc, John Ciardi, Edward Lear, Laura Richards and several anonymous poets.

Created by

Director, dramaturgy and idea for set design: Lasse Åkerlund
Idea, translations, puppet maker, puppeteer/actor and decorations for the "Ronzebons": Coby Omvlee
Composer, musician, artist and actor: Per Trygve Johnsen
Magic technique and puppet maker: Jaap den Hertog
Lighting designer: Trond Dypfest
Puppet maker and drawings: Irina Baumeyer
Assistants to the puppet makers, and set assistants: Skye Gods Huizen and Tua Lisa Round Stone
Carpenter for the "Ronzebons" stage: Martin Waagø
Handyman: Ståle Ingebretsen
Decoration for the "Ronzebons" (big version): Lisa Helstrøm Jørgensen